You Know You’re a Brinzer When….


 …you’ve perfected the silent cheer.

…a Dan Potash interview is the only thing to keep you awake at intermissions.

…you can recite American commercials word for word.

…you’ve watched hockey games until the sun comes up.

…you start to say “an’at” after everything.

…you know that shutting your eyes “for a second” means missing the rest of the game.

…to pre-game nap or not is the biggest gamble of your life.

…you know that a podcast means a 45 minute argument over Fleury.

…you bombard British Airways with requests to schedule a direct flight to Pittsburgh.

…you set your phone and your watch permanently to Eastern Standard Time, however, if you’re Kat, time-zones often make you cry.

…sleep and work are things you fit in around Pens’ games.

…you know all the words to the “Star-Spangled Banner” and “O Canada”.

…you scream when you hear Jeff Jimerson announced as the anthem singer.

…you refer to Pittsburgh as ‘my other home’.

…you’re woken up in the middle of the night during a particularly erotic dream and your other half asks you “…who’s Craig…?”.

…your friends and family know never to call you during the Play-offs.

…your family pets are called Sid, Geno and Duper.

…your boss understands why you fall asleep at work most days between October and June.

…you know the names of Mario Lemieux’s children but sometimes forget the names of your own.

…everything in your wardrobe is coloured black and gold.

…you can recite the Sudden Death script word for word.

…you visit the Zoo just to see the Penguins and name them all after the team.

…the NHL Game-Centre logo makes you sleepy.

…you have more Pittsburghers following you on twitter than British people.

…you have an emergency nursing “grab-bag” packed, just in case Sid gets injured again.

…the noise of skates on ice reminds you of home.

…you’re still not over Max Talbot.

…PB&J sandwiches are now your staple diet.

…you now call it PB&J rather than peanut-butter and jelly.

…you now call jam ‘jelly’.

…you get excited when your phone battery is at 87%.

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